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DEX-C20 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's in DEX-C20?
  2. How Do I Take DEX-C20?
  3. Can I Take More Than 2 Capsules/Day?
  4. Does DEX-C20 Contain Ephedra, or Caffeine?
  5. Will DEX-C20 Make Me Jittery?
  6. Can I Take DEX-C20 With Other Supplements?
  7. Can I Take DEX-C20 With My Prescription Medication?
  8. Does DEX-C20 Have A Money Back Guarantee?
  9. Many Products Say "Clinically proven". What makes DEX-C20 Different?
  10. Is DEX-C20 FDA Approved?
  11. What is Caralluma Fimbriata?
  12. Is All Caralluma Fimbriata The Same?

What's in DEX-C20?

A key ingredient in the DEX-C20 formula is Slimaluma. Slimaluma is a premium, high potency extract from the Caralluma plant. This specific form of Caralluma is backed by multiple, independent, placebo-controlled human clinical trials, safety studies, laboratory studies, university reviews and is protected by two US patents. In one double-blind placebo study, Slimaluma suppressed the appetite, and reduced waist circumference more than placebo.1 In a separate placebo-controlled study, 83% of participants using Slimaluma lost weight and 72% lost inches off their waist.2 Some participants lost as much as 3 inches off their waist in just 4 weeks!2 In contrast, only one participant using placebo lost weight (1lb.) and the rest either stayed the same, or gained weight.2

Slimaluma is only part of what makes DEX-C20 so effective. DEX-C20 also contains an all-natural, proprietary blend not found in any other product. The DEX-C20 proprietary blend is CAFFEINE-FREE, yet DEX-C20 users typically report increased energy with NO JITTERS. The combination of this unique blend and the Slimaluma make DEX-C20 a one-of-a-kind product with benefits you can see and feel.

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How Do I Take DEX-C20?

Take 1 capsule before lunch and 1 before dinner. Take with 8 oz. of water if possible. If preferred, take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

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Can I Take More Than 2 Capsules/Day?

We recommend taking the lowest effective dosage. Every person is different, so some people will require more than 2 capsules/day. If desired effects are not achieved with 2 capsules/day, increase dosage to 4 capsules/day (2 capsules twice daily). 6 capsules/day is the maximum recommended dosage.

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Does DEX-C20 Contain Ephedra, or Caffeine?

DEX-C20 contains NO ephedra and NO caffeine.

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Will DEX-C20 Make Me Jittery?

No. People taking DEX-C20 typically report increased energy with NO jittery feeling.

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Can I Take DEX-C20 With Other Supplements?

DEX-C20 can be taken with other supplements. We encourage good nutrition, moderate exercise and taking a good multi-vitamin while using DEX-C20. DEX-C20 can also be taken in conjunction with other natural weight loss supplements, but DEX-C20 is a highly effective supplement on its own, so adding other weight loss supplements is unnecessary.

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Can I Take DEX-C20 With My Prescription Medication?

If you are under a physician's care, or you are taking prescription medication, you should consult your physician before using DEX-C20, or any other dietary supplement.

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Does DEX-C20 Have A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. If not fully satisfied, DEX-C20 can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Please refer to the return policy at www.dexc20.us

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Many Products Say "Clinically proven". What makes DEX-C20 Different?

Many supplement products say that they're "clinically tested" and "clinically proven". You hear them all over the radio, on TV and in magazines. The reality is...most of these products have NEVER been clinically tested at all! Many supplement companies will identify an ingredient that was already clinically tested. They then use this ingredient in a formula and make product claims based on the one tested ingredient. Since there are usually many other ingredients in the product, testing on the complete formula is needed. Without testing the complete product, there is no way to know the effects of that specific combination of ingredients.

Very few supplement companies are doing independent testing of their complete products. Even most of the best-selling and best known supplement sold in major retail outlets are making "clinically proven" and "clinically tested" claims and yet often have not tested the complete product.

DEX-C20 is different because the key ingredient AND the complete formula have been clinically tested in independent studies by third party research centers. Delmar Labs, the maker of DEX-C20, is a division of a publicly traded pharmaceutical company. Delmar Labs has made a commitment to commissioning independent clinical trials on all of its supplement products to ensure safety and efficacy for its customers. One of DEX-C20's key ingredients is backed by two, independent placebo-controlled clinical trials (a third is currently underway) and multiple safety studies, lab studies and university reviews. The DEX-C20 formula has also been tested in one preliminary, independent efficacy study and is currently being tested in an independent 100 person double-blind study. The DEX-C20 study is being conducted by a leading third party, FDA approved research facility.

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The media often points out that various supplement products are not FDA approved. What they don't tell you is that natural supplements CANNOT be approved by the FDA. Natural supplements do not go through the same channels as prescription medications. Therefore, the fact that a natural supplement isn't FDA approved just means that it's a natural supplement. Since FDA approval does not apply to natural supplements, consumers should look for products from reputable companies that have invested in science behind both the ingredients and the formula.

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What is Caralluma Fimbriata?

Caralluma Fimbriata is one of many edible, succulent cacti that grow wild all over India. Caralluma Fimbriata is the most prevalent of these plants and it flourishes in large parts of interior India. Caralluma is from the Asclepiadaceae family of succulents. This family of plants consists of succulents found wild in Africa, India, the Canary Islands, Arabia, Southern Europe and several other regions. The tribals in India have eaten the Caralluma plant for centuries. Indian tribals chew chunks of the Caralluma to suppress their hunger when embarking on a day's hunt.

Caralluma Fimbriata is used for its beneficial properties and as a regular food in many regions of India. In the arid regions of Andrha Pradesh, Caralluma is eaten regularly in pickles and chutneys and the tribals used the dried powder for enhanced energy. In the Kolli Hills of South India, Caralluma is eaten as a vegetable daily. In Western India, the plant is used as an appetite suppressant and also as a thirst quencher due to the plant's high water content.

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Is All Caralluma Fimbriata The Same?

Not all Caralluma Fimbriata is the same. DEX-C20 uses a premium Caralluma extract called Slimaluma. Slimaluma is a 12:1 standardized extract. This extract is protected by two US patents. Slimaluma is extracted at a 12:1 ratio. This means that the potency (due to concentration of active components) of this form of Caralluma is up to 12 times the potency of pure dried Caralluma.

Slimaluma has also been the subject of two, independent, placebo-controlled human clinical studies (a third is currently underway), multiple safety studies, laboratory studies and safety reviews by University Medical Centers, including Georgetown Medical Center. No other form of Caralluma has been tested at all. Therefore, if a product just lists Caralluma and not Slimaluma, be aware that it's not a proven form and it's not the same ingredient used in DEX-C20.

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1 A fifty person, placebo controlled study was conducted at St. John's Medical College in Bangalore, India with Slimaluma. Participants in the active group showed statistically significant reductions in appetite and waist circumference over the placebo group.

2 A twenty-six person, placebo controlled study was conducted in Los Angeles, CA. under the supervision of Dr. Ronald Lawrence with the Slimaluma ingredient. The study resulted in statistically significant weight loss over a 4 week period with no change in daily activity patterns, or diet

DEX-C20 Quick Facts

-Slimaluma is not the only active component in DEX-C20. DEX-C20 Advanced also contains a proprietary herbal blend not found in any other supplements.

-DEX-C20 is an all-natural, caffeine-free supplement

-All scientific studies on Slimaluma (key ingredient in DEX-C20) and on the DEX-C20 Advanced formula were conducted by qualified, independent research centers.

-DEX-C20 is marketed by Delmar Labs, a division of a publicly traded pharmaceutical manufacturer. Delmar's parent company manufactures DEX-C20 in its own FDA registered facilities under strict cGMP (good manufacturing practices) standards.

  • Slimaluma (standardized Caralluma extract) Facts:
  • Slimaluma is an expensive, unique and extensively researched ingredient
  • Slimaluma is a 12:1 extract (far more concentrated than the Caralluma plant)
  • The Caralluma used to produce the Slimaluma extract is organically farmed
  • Slimaluma is protected by 2 US patents -Slimaluma is backed by numerous safety studies and two independent placebo-controlled human trials (a 3rd human trial will be completed in August 08)

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